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Business Overview
Infi-net Solutions is an information technology company, whose focus is on the analysis, design and implementation of highly scalable infrastructure solutions to acommodate your business needs. We service banking, legal, medical, education, private business, non-profit and government institutions. For over a decade, Infi-net Solutions has helped countless businesses solve their technology problems. Our service to you is our unbiased, educated opinion based on proven technologies. If you use computers in your organization, we can help!

Many medium and large businesses have an existing IT department – we can help you too! Infi-net Solutions can provide your technology team with advanced technical knowledge essential for keeping them up-to-date with the very latest technologies and solutions. We can even provide you with specialized recruiting, screening, training and management services should your company ever need them.

Our Mission
To develop and implement software and hardware solutions based on the latest and most effective technologies available to the market. Our goal is your success. Driven by a code of high standards and values, Infi-net Solutions is committed to provide you with high quality services. Most importantly, we will listen and understand your problem first. Only then can we use our expertise to guide your business to a true solution. We seek to provide our clients with best practice solutions and implementation for the purpose of enhancing operational effectiveness. This management philosophy relies on clear customer communication coupled with solid goal expectation.

Infi-net Solutions recognizes that technology drives today’s business model regardless of company size and scope. Our goal is to help drive your business towards success. Let us help you meet your business goals!

Why Choose Us?
Infi-net Solutions explains technology in business terms. We focus on a wide range of technologies, including those from Microsoft, Cisco and VMWare (server virtualization), as well as emerging, industry-specific Cloud solutions for smaller businesses. It is our pairing of these and other technologies to fit your specific business needs and our commitment to provide you with stable, secure and scalable solutions that set us apart from other IT providers. With some of the industry’s very best and forward thinking hardware and software vendors, we provide advanced solutions for your organization. Customer service drives our business model and we are focused on providing quality technology solutions to meet your specific needs.

To arrange a free on site assessment of your current system please call us to arrange an appointment. We would be pleased to assess your system needs and submit a written or verbal proposal with no obligation. At Infi-net Solutions, we look forward to serving you.

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